Innovation in a German municipality: an intelligent charging system offers local energy

Innovation in a German municipality: an intelligent charging system offers local energy "to go"

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The pilot project initiated by the City of Iserlohn (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany), the utility company Stadtwerke Iserlohn and the Berlin start-up company Ubitricity will enable drivers to charge their vehicles and get billed wherever they go. The pilot project was initiated as part of the EU project "E-Mobility Works".
The city of Iserlohn is a model municipality for electromobility:  soon, drivers will be able to refuel their owned or leased electric vehicles with local electricity at 17 different locations within the city’s boundaries, without having to worry about complicated billing. The firm “Ubitricity” came up with a simple charging concept. Car owners take their intelligent charging cable, or "smart cable", which is attached to their current utility bill, to any charging point. The system automatically handles the authorisation and approval as well as the disclosure of the billing information.
"I am thrilled that we are breaking new ground by expanding infrastructure for electric cars and thus taking on the role as pioneers for affordable electromobility in Germany”, says Iserlohn’s Mayor Dr. Peter Paul Ahrens. “In connection with the inauguration of the first innovative charging point I express my wish for alternative mobility to prevail over conventional fossil fuel vehicles to promote environmental and climate protection. Today we have begun this process and will soon allow electric vehicles to park for free in our city”. 

The city utilities in Iserlohn have focused on environmental protection and sustainability for years. "That is why we very much welcome that the Iserlohn city council ratified the action plan on electric mobility during its session on September 22” says Mr. Timmreck, managing director of Stadtwerke Iserlohn. One important aspect of the action plan is developing the charging infrastructure, which in turn makes electromobility more attractive. With the charging points and the intelligent charging cable they are taking further steps in the strategy aimed at reducing traffic noise and pollution in Iserlohn.

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