Fast-charging stations for electric vehicles in Slovenia

Fast-charging stations for electric vehicles in Slovenia

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Slovenia will get 26 new fast charging stations for electric vehicles, within the framework of the CEGC.

Slovenia will get 26 new fast charging stations for electric vehicles, withinthe framework of the CEGC (Central European Green Corridors) project. CEGC was set up as part of the Trans-European Transport Network project and is supported with EU funds. Within the project, 115 high power charging stations will be installed to serve the needs for e-mobility drivers in the project region (Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Slovenia and Croatia).

In Slovenia, the project is being implemented by Slovenian Ministry of Infrastructure and the Electricity Network Operator in cooperation with Slovenian Motorway Company and companies OMW and Petrol. The project was worth two million euros, of which 1,38 million euros came from Slovenia and remaining 620.000 euros from EU funds.

On the 13 of October 2015, first two out of 26 planned high fast-charging stations for electric cars were launched along the Štajerska motorway (one filling station at OMV Lopata South and other service station on Petrol Tepanje West). The stations will be compatible with most of the electric vehicles and will allow customers of electric vehicles charging 50 kW DC and 43 kW AC at the same time. Empty electric car batteries with a capacity from 18 to 24 kWh will be charged in just half an hour up to the 80 percent. By the end of the year 2015, Slovenia will have fast-charging stations every 50 kilometres along its entire motorway network.

List of fast charging stations, which will be active until the end of the year, located at the service stations:

  1.      Barje North (Novo Mesto - Koper)
  2.      Dravsko poljeNorth (Ptuj - Maribor)
  3.      Dravsko polje South (Maribor - Ptuj)
  4.      Dobrenje East (Maribor - Šentilj)
  5.      Dobrenje West (Šentilj - Maribor)
  6.      Grabonoš North (Lendava - Maribor)
  7.      Grabonoš South (Maribor - Lendava)
  8.      Grič (Čatež) (Ljubljana - Krško - Ljubljana)
  9.      Lopata South (Ljubljana – Maribor)
  10.   Lom West (Ljubljana - Koper)
  11.   Lom East (Koper - Ljubljana)
  12.   Lukovica North (Maribor - Ljubljana)
  13.   Lukovica South (Ljubljana - Maribor)
  14.   Radovljica South (Karavanke - Ljubljana)
  15.   RadovljicaNorth (Ljubljana - Karavanke)
  16.   Ravbarkomanda West (Ljubljana - Koper)
  17.   Ravbarkomanda East (Koper - Ljubljana)
  18.   Ravne (Ljubljana - Koper - Ljubljana)
  19.   Starine North (Krško - Novo Mesto)
  20.   Starine South (Novo Mesto - Krško)
  21.   Šempas South (Nova Gorica - Ljubljana)
  22.   Šempas North (Ljubljana - Nova Gorica
  23.   Tepanje West (Maribor – Celje)
  24.   Tepanje East (Celje - Maribor)
  25.   Voklo West (Kranj - Ljubljana)
  26.   Voklo East (Ljubljana - Kranj)